Automated email address verification service designed exclusively for Act! databases (desktop or cloud) to identify invalid addresses before they bounce, update your contact records, increase email deliverability by 98%, and avoid blacklists.

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Act! estimates that the average distribution list suffers 25% decay each year. Fight list decay with Link2list.

Act! Marketing Automation is a powerful and cost-effective way to generate new leads for your business. However, to get the most from AMA, you need an actionable database that is well-maintained, clean, and deliverable.

And this assertion is not just good advice, it's a cautionary tale. Using old or unscrubbed data with AMA will reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in the short term, and could have long-term business implications, as well. Emailing an unsafe or unengaged audience can lead to a poor sender reputation, which in turn can reduce your email deliverability and increase your overall bounce rate. And a high bounce can bathtub validityjeopardize your AMA account. In fact, AMA users with a sustained bounce rate of 5% or higher can face account suspension, and if left uncorrected, can lead to account cancellation with no refund.

So if the benefits of using a clean distribution list are so obvious and the perils of using an unscrubbed one so dire, why wouldn’t everyone practice better list hygiene? The simple answer is it takes a lot of work, but thanks to Link2list, it no longer has to.

Link2list is a powerful email scrubbing service that is as easy to use as it is effective. Link2list is part of the Linktivity Suite, and it allows Act! users to quickly validate the email addresses they have in Act!, updating each record with a deliverability rating. Act! users just have to select a target group, click Start, and Link2list will verify 1-3 contacts per second until it’s complete.

It's that simple.

And Link2list is available in two levels of service. The first uses our native email verification system, and the other integrates with the industry leader in email validation, Both work at the same speed, with results within 7% of each other for accuracy. The best part is you have a choice, with no manual data entry in Act! required for either.

The magic is in the math. In fact, we're so confident Link2list will work for Act! users, we're providing the first 500 record validations* at no extra charge. After that, charges range from 0.6 cents to 1.1 cents per record, depending on the volume purchased. That means for less than AU$60, Link2list will scan 10,000 contact records inside your Act! database in less than an hour!

After the first 500 contact records are scanned, users must purchase additional verification blocks to continue scrubbing their contact list. Scan blocks carry forward with on-time renewal, but expire when subscription lapses. Each renewal will include a free block of 500 scans. Scans that return an "error" are not deducted from your balance.




per database per year (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers).

Requires a current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher); Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned; Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link.

Click on the prices below to add verification blocks to your online purchase:

Verification Blocks

First 500 Scans



Blocks of 1,000

Blocks of 5,000

Blocks of 25,000










Works with groups in your database

Target the contact's whose emails you wish to validate by creating either static or dynamically populated group in Act!, and Link2list will only check those contact's email address. This could be your master marketing group from which all your small marketing groups are comprised.

Updates the email status field

Link2list creates the required field in your Act! database, and then indicates whether that contact's email address is valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown. Rest assured, no other field data is changed during the scrubbing process.

Run Link2list from anywhere

Link2list is an online service, meaning you can run it from anywhere - including tablets and Mac's. No need to have Act! installed, Link2list uses the WebAPI to connect to your database from anywhere.

Run Link2list on multiple groups

Link2list can be configured to run against as many groups as you wish, each with their own schedule. Configure Link2list based on what makes sense for your unique database.

Your choice of email verification

Link2list offers two types of email verification - our native service and one that integrates with Both authenticate the email addresses in your list at similar speed and accuracy, but the native service requires little or no setup (Email verification fees are sold separately).

Schedule your List Scans

Configure Link2list can be configured to run a scan on  a designated group on an automated basis each day, week, or month. You can even exclude contacts that have been previously scanned to save costs.

No software to install

Link2list is an online service, meaning there is no software to install.

Rinse & Repeat

Keep your email list current & accurate by running regular scans. Over time existing contact's email addresses become invalid, and new contact's will be added, so it's important to run Link2list regularly to maintain good list hygiene.

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