Send text messages straight from Act!

With SMS4Act!, you can quickly and easily send texts to one or more contacts from Act!. The message is recorded against the contact’s record along with any replies. A great time saving tool to help you build relationships with your contacts.


  • Send single or broadcast text to a lookup of contacts
  • Record history of outgoing/incoming texts in Act!
  • Create templates for sending personalised texts
  • Automatically send appointment reminders to avoid no-shows
  • Use SMS4Act! with contact date fields for Birthday messages & reminders for due dates.


  • Improve Communication. SMS is a fast, simple, non-intrusive way to communicate with customers.
  • Improve Productivity. Much faster than a phone call, your valuable staff resources can be used elsewhere.
  • Improve Customer Service. A personalised SMS message can help build relationships with customers.
  • Reduce No-Shows. Customer no-shows adversely affect revenue. SMS reminders can dramatically reduce this problem.
  • Reduce Costs. An SMS can be sent at a fraction of the cost of mobile call.


*The SMS4Act! software is free however you do need an account with MessageMedia in order to send text messages. See for pricing.

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