About Margifox

Margifox Distributors are one of Australia’s leading distributors and marketers of cosmeceutical and professional skin product ranges, which are carefully selected from the world’s most highly respected and acclaimed international brand names.

The Challenge

Margifox had a large number of sales representatives on the road and needed a system which would assist with the management of their team. Additionally, they have an extensive range of products and needed a way to effectively market these to the appropriate customers.

The Solution

By implementing Act! as their CRM solution, we were able to solve a number of issues for Margifox including:

  • The ability to manage sales reps’ calendars
  • Clarity and visibility of Margifox’s customers with respect to what product they purchase and the required marketing collateral needed for these products
  • Highly customising the activities pertinent to the business such as education and events.

The Results

Customising Act! provided Margifox with a number of efficiencies for the sales representatives as well as business knowledge on their customer base. “We can now provide solid support to the sales reps who are on the road. We can do this by accessing their calendars and managing their activities. In addition, this has meant our customers have highly responsive sales reps where we are able to meet their product, collateral and educational requirements in a timely manner” explains Hilarie Reinking, the IT Manager at Margifox.

“We are also able to effectively target our clients with the appropriate material as we are able to see what they need and when. Our Act Today consultant has been amazing for our business. He does whatever we ask for. We have a lot of users on this systems and he is extremely helpful as we need to pick his brain regularly around our requirements" said Helen.


"Our Act Today consultant has been amazing for our business. We have a lot of users on this system and he is extremely helpful.”

Hilarie Reinking, Information Technology Manager
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