About Adjudicate Today

Adjudicate Today is responsible for resolving payment claims for the construction industry. They manage the entire dispute resolution process as well as provide training to the adjudicators who are nominated to resolve the disputes.

The Challenge

Vital to the success of Adjudicate Today is their ability to process claims accurately and efficiently. A typical claim involves multiple parties; the claimant, the respondent and legal resprentation. Each claim involves a number of key steps that have various time restraints. With over 50 adjudicators across Australia, they needed a system that would enable them to manage all parties involved and track the resolution process. Additionally, they needed an efficent way to provide extensive reporting to government departments.

The Solution

To manage the application and resolution process, Adjudicate Today partnered with Act Today to provide a tailored solution with Act!, as well as provide training to management and staff. One of the key benefits of Act! is its ability to be customised to meet unique industry and organisational requirements. Bob Gaussen, Owner of Adjudicate Today explains, “We use Act! in tracking about thirty different steps in the application and claim resolution process. Special scripts were developed to tailor Act! to meet the specific needs of our organisation.”

For each application, they create a claim in Act! and allocate a matter number. The group function is used to associate the different parties so they can accurately track the claim. Any claim update or communication is time stamped which enables the coordinators to ensure the application and resolution is processed within the set time limits.

The Results

In addition to having a streamlined system to easily and effectively manage claims, Adjudicate Today now have the ability to extract data and reports from the Act! database and store it in Excel spreadsheets.

Rather than regenerating their reports every month they can simply update them. Gaussen comments, “We need to generate numerous reports for government as well as for internal management. Act! gives us the time benefit of one staff person, one day, per week.”

Gaussen describes what it is like to work with Act Today, ”We value the partnership we have with Act Today greatly. They are extremely professional and obviously know the Act! product inside out. They have greatly assisted us through the entire process, being very responsive to our queries or issues.”


“We value the partnership we have with Act Today greatly. They are extremely professional and obviously know the Act! product inside out.”

Bob Gaussen, Owner