About Trimatt

Trimatt Systems is a family business that supply and support printing technology solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and to partners around the world. Trimatt started with a business plan and the vision to build a successful business throgh growing their customer base and a range of products.

Since 2005, they have experienced between 5-15% growth each year and maintained profitability in turbulent times. Their customers include Australia Post for whom they manufacture machines that help prepare stamp products for retail. They also supply a range of machines for card markets including gift cards and loyalty cards.

The Challenge

As Trimatt Systems grew, Founder and General Manager, Matt Johnson carried much of the business and client information in his head and in an Excel spreadsheet. As the customer base expanded, it became difficult to distribute that information to staff.

“Small things like being approached by people who wanted our customers’ numbers became problematic and the amount of tasks the business was doing stretched our resources very thin.” As a business that was founded on strong customer service principles, Johnson felt the business was falling behind in this area.

“We weren’t effective in communicating customers’ addresses and phone numbers and that made me look at what CRM was available. I had used various systems in the past and Act! was one I considered. I downloaded it, played around with the demos and formulated my own opinions.”

“There were some challenges adapting to the new system and some misunderstood the value it would add to the business. It took work from my side and Richards’s advice to help influence people about the structure we would use, however once that was established everyone was extremely positive,” Johnson says.

The Solution

Richard Milland, an Act! Certified Consultant, visited Trimatt Systems to discuss which solution would work best with the existing server and systems. Implementing Act! into the server has worked well for Trimatt Systems because the database is now synchronised on a regular basis and staff can access the CRM via mobile devices when they are not on the office.

The Results

The real value of Act! for Trimatt is in its ease of use and the ability of staff to pick up where others have left off. “We have a big TV on the wall and our administrator displays the day’s task list on the TV. This enables everyone to walk into the office, look at it and stay to the task. They can see the task assignment and the calendar.” Johnson says that for the investment made, he is very happy with the product and service.

“We now have effectively coordinated our knowledge with regard to our customers. It is hard for me to put a dollar figure to that, but I know in terms of my productivity and putting the team on the same page it paid for itself in the first six months.” Looking forward, once team members become more aware of the software’s current value, Johnson will look to add further capabilities.

“We have a young team and they come to me with suggestions as to what we can use Act! for to make it more effective. They are seeing where we can use it better. My daughter is my administration assistant and she sees where we can use it for our marketing campaigns. Our confidence is growing with the product so that is where I plan to add a lot of tools.” Act! has enabled Trimatt Systems to improve their productivity, by focusing staff tasks and coordinating customer knowledge. Johnson concludes that “Act Today’s after care support and training programs have been excellent”.


“We now have effectively coordinated our knowledge with regard to our customers. It is hard for me to put a dollar figure to that.”

Matt Johnson, General Manager
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