About Paul Greening

Paul Greening is a Sydney-based recruitment consultant that places candidates in executive roles across the Asia Pacific region.  

The Challenge

When Paul escaped corporate life to start up his own executive search firm, he needed a system like many businesses that was going to assist him in keeping his pipeline filled. Paul states that “My inventory is people” and that he needed a system that would help him continually engage with the market and have track of a constant communication cycle.

The Solution

Paul had found in his various senior roles as VP, MD and regional manager with major software companies, that the various contact management and recruitment systems were “all fairly restrictive”. This is why when Paul decided to start up his own firm he decided not to turn to standard recruitment technology but rather Act! With Act! Paul is able to record all phone calls made and received in a day and is easily accessible if he needs to go back and look at past communications.

Communication is crucial in everyday activities for Paul. Part of Paul’s service guarantee is that he monitors the performance of newly-placed candidates for up to six months following the initial search and hiring process. “Some much more expensive systems aren’t very good for effective ongoing communications,” says Paul, “but with Act! I’m able to do it easily by email.” To ensure he was getting the most out of Act! and his email integration, Paul called an Act! Certified Consultant to ensure it was as effective as possible. He had 123 sync installed which ensured that Paul’s were always up to date, no matter where he is and from whatever mobile device he was using.

Act! Cloud is also a key importance for Paul. “Because I’m travelling throughout the Asia Pacific region, that’s become a very big thing for me,” says Paul, “because it means I don’t have to worry about having an up-to-date database on my laptop, wherever I go”. Act! Cloud ensures that no matter where in the world Paul is, he can always have access to live and accurate data right at his fingertips.

The Results

Thanks to Act! Paul Greening estimates that he saves around 10-15 hours a week by being able to get a hold of any details he needs immediately within Act! The customisation options within Act! have allowed Paul to create a “key skills” tab. This contains information that makes it easier for Paul to narrow down his search to try and find the right person for a specific job. This save him valuable time as he doesn’t need to go through each candidate individually and instead can just search what he is after and Act! to come back to him with a list of potential candidates.

Act!’s email marketing process has also been of great use to Paul. This function allows Paul to stay in contact with senior executives. This feature allows Paul to stay in constant communication with his contacts and often finds that these senior executives have become clients themselves. Paul’s consultancy shows how even a single-user business can leverage the power of Act! to stay on top of a portfolio of international clients. In fact, you could say it’s just the job.


"I get back 10 to 15 hours every week. That’s more time I can spend with clients and candidates, and better still my family."

Paul Greening, Managing Director
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