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Does your sales pipeline feel inefficient? Are you finding it challenging closing deals? Find out how you can supercharge your sales results. With the right tools and data insights, your sales reps will be empowered to steer more leads through the sales pipeline, from prospect to brand champion.

The new sales pipeline and opportunity views enable you to manage your sales pipeline more effectively and intelligently with interactive filter panels, in-context KPIs, drag-and-drop between sales stages and sales pipeline drill-throughs.

  • Interactive sales funnel with the total count and value of all open opportunities
  • In-context KPIs with an instant roll-up of metrics like Opportunity Close Rate, closed-won value, open deals, and more (8 out-of-the-box or add your own)
  • Actionable sales pipeline with a visual representation of all opportunities organized by sales stage and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Advanced filters to see data by rep, sales stage, date range, and more

* Act! Premium subscriber feature