Keystroke Designer

Custom table functionality for the desktop

Expand the functionality of Act! with custom tables for tracking customer service, support, projects, manufacturing, and more. Keystroke Designer allows you to add custom tabs at the contact, company, group, or opportunity level.


Keystroke Designer includes templates for industries such as real estate, healthcare, and financial management along with general management solutions such as contracts, equipment, and event planning.



  • Custom tables work within all versions of desktp Act! - Pro and Premium,
Part of your database
  • Custom Tables are part of your database, and therefore fully synchronization enabled, and upgrade with your database.
Drillable Data
  • Drill down on a custom table list view to access the detail view, and click to sort or filter in the list view.
  • Create an unlimited number of functional, manageable "one-to-many" table-format tabs for Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opportunities in Act!
  • Convert a custom table look up to a Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity lookup
  • Search within tables and filter results for superior lookups
Merge Data
  • Allows you to merge to Word or Email templates from a custom table lookup, and export list views with customizable columns to MS Excel.
Nesting Tables
  • Nest Tables within tables to further enhance & extend the capabilities of Act!
Downloadable Schemas
  • Customize your database fast with ready-to-go schemas for loan management, inventory, tech support, realty, mortgages, consulting, insurance, car sales, and many others.
  • Perform advanced calculations among fields to automate data entry and reduce occurences of missing data.


Why Keystroke Designer is right for Act! users


Ready, set, design!

Keystroke Designer leverages the capabilities of custom tables in Act! by creating new subentities for contacts, companies, groups or opportunities. Keystroke Designer allows you to create and use the tables, organize your views, or search and report on any custom table available in your database.

Easy to navigate. Easy to use

Feel right-at-home in this simple interface which reinforces common navigational features among screen layouts, tabs and lists, and create on-the-fly queries and advanced look-ups. Create quick reports and documents with robust Microsoft Office integration: export to Excel, mail merge to Word for multiple contacts, email multiple contacts via Outlook.

Wizard driven. Fast to build. Flexible to import

Get started with your data using the advanced data import and data update wizard. Build custom features with Keystroke Designer snippets and scripting editor. Create parent-child relationships among custom tables. Schedule and link Act! activities and opportunities from the custom tables.

Business-friendly solutions

Keystroke Designer includes modules to address general business needs as well as database templates for specific industries.





per user per computer (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers).

Please note that upgrading Act! may require the purchase of a new version of this add-on.