Keystroke Tables

An essential AddOn to unleash the full power of Act!

A custom table solution that seamlessly integrates with Act!, Keystroke Tables increases your data management capability by creating a flexible one-to-many data relationship with your contacts. It's quite simply the easiest way to get the most out of your Act! CRM. 

A customised table nests under your Contacts, Companies, Groups, and/or Opportunites creating a spreadsheet type functionality. Unlike spreadsheets though, each row represents a self-contained collection of data that can be linked to one or more contacts, companies, groups, or opportunities and can also be reassigned to others as needed.
View information at the contact level, or roll up to see aggregate totals at a company level. For example, you could be tracking machines that you sold to different contacts within a company, but then pivot to the company level to see all the machines owned by the company as a whole. 

Keystroke Tables features include:
  • Create an unlimited number of functional, manageable "one-to-many" table-format tabs for Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opportunities in Act!.
  • View all your custom records under a specific contact, Company, Group, or Opportunity, or view all related custom records globally as a list.
  • The custom tables are part of your database and therefore fully synchronise with your database.
  • Convert a custom table look up to a Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity lookup.
  • Drill down on data in a custom table list to access, sort or filter information.
  • Quickly and easily merge to Word or Email
  • Export list views to MS Excel.
  • Search within custom tables and filter results for superior lookups.
  • View related custom table fields side-by-side
  • Perform advanced calculations from field data to automate data entry and reduce missing/inaccurate data.
  • Create activities or histories based on custom table fields.
  • Nest Tables within tables to further enhance & extend the capabilities of Act!.
  • Compatible with all versions of Act! - Pro, Premium, and Web back to v18

See the Product Gallery below to view samples of custom tables for different industries.




per user per database per year (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers).
eg. 3 users with one database require 3 licences (if all 3 users require access to the custom table data).
Users not accessing the custom table data do not require a licence.

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