Keystroke Dash

Easy-to-use real-time dashboard based reporting tool for Act!

Powerful and highly flexible, Keystroke Dash enable you to view data for yourself or for all of your Act! users on one screen within the Act! application.


Work Effectively

  • Centralise and organise all key activities, opportunities, histories, notes, custom tables, companies and contacts in one view.
  • Manage your database – Realign territories. Reschedule multiple activities or opportunities at once.
  • Communicate faster by emailing one or more histories directly from the dashboard.
  • Create follow-up activities from your pipeline list.

Analyse Insightfully

  • Compare, analyse and drill down on activities, histories, opportunities, custom tables, products and queries or graphs.
  • Monitor and quantify sales performance with key performance indicator (KPI) statistics. Calculate sum and average.
  • Create advanced KPIs off almost any field in your Act! database including custom fields. (Act! v16)
  • Easily create multiple-table queries with SQL statement auto-generation.
  • Build exception reports and identify neglected accounts.
  • Set targets for activity and opportunity levels to identify gaps and adjust sales plans.
  • Choose from many templates and easily customise your own dashboards using our Dashboard Wizard. Drag and drop panels and fields.

Report Instantly

  • Share your dashboard as a report in PDF format.
  • Select custom colour schemes for your graphs and charts. (Act! v16)
  • Export any list to MS Excel.
  • Use Keystroke Dash Alerts bundle to automate your dashboard reporting.




per user per computer (GST added at checkout for AU/NZ customers).

Please note that upgrading Act! may require the purchase of a new version of this add-on.

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