Forget hourly rates & unexpected charges. Add a Maintenance Plan to your Act! subscription to have our expert local Act! Certified Consultants (ACCs) install/configure the latest version of Act! on your computer(s) each year & help resolve any errors with that install, via remote assistance (screen-sharing), at no extra cost*

Now more than ever Act! requires regular updates to maintain security, performance, and compatibility with the frequent automatic updates to Microsoft Windows, Office & other products. Get more value from your annual Act! subscription by always using the latest version, with all the impovements added each year. Provided by a consultant based in the same country as you (AU/NZ only)

$19 per user
AUD per month +gst
(AU customers only)


*One install per user per year, plus untimed Act! error resolution for that install for up to 1 year (conditions apply).
A separate fee applies for help with servers or extra computers, add-on products, customisation, training & consulting. Prices on request.
First purchase is for 12 months. A pro-rata amount is billed at next Act! subscription renewal to align billing.

$24 per user
NZD per month +gst
(NZ customers only)


Support plans & single support sessions available for assistance not covered by the maintenance plan:


Talk to your Act! Consultant to help you decide on the right plan to support your unique business needs.