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The April 2022 Act! updates include a critical security update in a Microsoft component, considered mandatory for all Act! customers. Sometimes Microsoft labels an update a critical security update when it is deemed necessary to prevent cyber-attack, including data loss, financial theft, identity theft & ransomware (see microsoft.com page here).


All Act! versions (like all Windows applications) use Microsoft components that have since been discontinued by Microsoft when a better (and sometimes more secure) component was released. Outdated software doesn’t just risk data loss in that one application, but risks everything on that computer, and more.

Frequent updates from Act! include new & improved Microsoft components & other advances to improve performance, functionality & compatibility with Microsoft Office & other systems. The April 2022 Act! updates include a critical security update in a Microsoft component, considered mandatory for all Act! customers (see www.act.com/notice).

The Australian Government issued an alert in February 2022 for "organisations to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture" (see www.cyber.gov.au), recommending patching applications & devices, adding multi-factor authentication & regular backups to cloud or external drive. In addition to this security update, we also offer cloud hosting from a local datacentre, automated backups & optional multi-factor authentication, as well as synchronisation with your computers if you prefer to use the Windows version of Act! over the web-browser version.

Customers using Act! v22.1, v23.0 or v24.0 will need to install the update as soon as possible (see downloads page here for Act! v24.0 Update 4 available 20/04/2022; or here for Act! v23.0 Update 7 available 20/04/2022; or here for Act! v22.1 Update 5 available 29/04/2022).

Our team can assist if you wish for a small support fee (see www.acttoday.com.au/team to contact your local Act! consultant).

Why use our team for your Act! update/upgrade?

  1. Keep your Act! customisation working as desired, including add-ons, automation & integration.
  2. Secure your computers, by confirming updates actually applied successfully & configuring Act! services with least privileges needed.
  3. Boost Act! performance, via database maintenance & cleanup (if requested), especially if Act! takes you longer than 30 seconds to open.
  4. Confirm your Act! backup works by test restore of last backup (if requested).
  5. Add functionality by configuring the included web access, mobile access, e-marketing, Office integration, synchronisation, etc. (if requested), especially if you are paying for an alternate e-marketing service that Act! could replace at no extra cost.

Customers using Act! v22.0 or older will need an upgrade to a newer version to secure their system (see obsolescence policy www.act.com/obs), which requires a current subscription. While an upgrade may incur a cost, not upgrading could become far more costly (see independent reference here). Click the Act! Help menu > About Act! > to see which version you have.

The latest Act! version is now 64-bit, and includes enormous improvements in performance and Office integration, plus free marketing automation, saving you money on other e-marketing services (read more here). If you're not on subscription, you may qualify for a $100 discount if you start a subscription before 30 June 2022.

If you have Act! v22.0 or older, please contact your consultant (www.acttoday.com.au/team), or our office via  or call 02 9431 2222 (AU) or 027 333 2005 (NZ) as soon as possible for a quote on an upgrade to suit your own customised solution.

Security is not only in the software, but the implementation, such as limiting the permissions given to an automated process. Take advantage of our vast experience to ensure a smooth & safe upgrade and reap the rewards of improved productivity and a happier team, plus your own peace of mind. This will be a busy period for us, so please book in early to avoid delay.

Important Note: Upgrades require an uninstall of the previous version. We strongly recommend engaging a consultant to assist in the process. Act Today accepts no responsibility for self-installations. Please note that fees apply for any phone/email support you request if attempting to install the software yourself.

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