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What's new in Act! v22

Act! v22 brings you the latest generation of the Act! software incorporating CRM and Marketing Automation into one solution called Act! Growth Suite. This release also encompasses numerous improvements to enhance the user experience of Act! no matter where it has been deployed, whether than be via desktop, web or cloud.

Act! v22 delivers the features and improvements detailed below: 

All-new customer console - A key part of the Act! v22 release is the addition of an all-new Customer Console that showcases a hub of information to start your day quickly, make quick decisions and navigate throughout the product more efficiently.

Marketing Automation

  • User Experience & Navigation Improvements - The Marketing Automation navigation has been updated with a new design. The layout increases screen real estate and improves navigation.
  • Default Scoring Profile - A new default scoring profile has been added to AMA to help users quickly get started with scoring profiles. 
  • Send Email (Currently available in web client only) - To further enhance the functionality of AMA, a new contact tab has been added which allows users to perform several Marketing Automation tasks.
  • Campaigns (Currently available in web client only) - On the second section of the new Marketing Automation tab, users can quickly add a contact to an existing campaign, and can view details of campaigns the contact is already included in, preventing the need to amend any existing groups or perform complex workarounds.
  • Scores (Currently available in web client only) - On the third section of the new Marketing Automation tab, users can quickly view scoring profile data for the selected contact.
  • New Grid View - To help customers work effectively when they have accumulated a lot of Marketing Automation content, new Grid views have been added to the Campaigns, Templates and Landing Pages views.
  • Send to Custom Tables Groups - Act! v22 allows you to create groups based on custom table data. 

Act! Insight

  • Drill Down on Custom Charts - To further enhance the functionality of Act! Insight, Act! have added the ability to drill down on custom created charts.

Custom Tables

  • Create Groups - In order to integrate custom tables modules more fully into Act!, we have now provided the functionality to create groups based on custom tables data.
  • Create Advanced Queries - As part of the improvements made to the custom tables feature, Act! have introduced the ability to create advanced queries based around custom table data. This can be accessed in the exact same way as you would expect (Lookup > Advanced > Advanced Query). Select from any of your custom tables and their associated fields. Queries can be saved and used to create dynamic group criteria as normal. This feature will allow you to search for contacts that have an associated custom table record. Remember that if you want to search purely for custom table records regardless of whether they have linked contacts or not, you can do so by going to Lookup > Custom Tables. Custom Tables -
  • Set Layouts by User - One feature that has been requested often with regard to custom tables is the ability to swap between layouts easily. This is now possible with each individual user able to select the layout that they want to use without affecting any of their colleagues. 
  • Improved Parent/Child Table Setup - Creating and managing parent/child table relationships has been made easier in order to encourage users to explore this feature. 
  • Control Tab Order - Previously when you created multiple custom tables and added them to the navigation bar, they would appear in the order in which you created the tables. This can now be controlled in v22. 
  • Mail Merge Current Date or Time - Whenever you create a custom table in Act! you can perform a mail merge using data from your custom tables records.

Web Client Layout

  • Enhanced Formatting Tools - With each new release Act! always strive to bring the web client closer and closer in terms of functionality to the desktop client. One of the most commonly requested features for improvement was the layout designer. The layout designer in the web client has now been significantly improved and includes much of the functionality that was missing previously. 

User Experience & Navigation Improvements

To help improve navigation of Marketing Automation functionality, Act! have relocated the navigation menu to the top of the view. This improves on the previous ‘double-stacked’ side menus, and also provides more screen real estate for users as they build out their templates and workflows.

For more information on what has been updated in Act! v22 see What's New at act.com.

Important Note:
Please be advised that updating to Act! version 22 requires an uninstall of the previous version. We do recommend engaging a consultant to assist in the process however should you wish update Act! yourself please refer to this Knowledge Base Article: https://help.act.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037282334.  Act Today provides this software and documentation as a courtesy and accepts no responsibility for self installations.


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