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8 Tips to Successful SMS Marketing

Lead nurturing is a critical component to any business. HubSpot reports that “leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%”1.

SMS is really easy and effective tool to maximise your lead nurturing marketing efforts for both B2C and B2B companies.

Here are some interesting statistics about SMS and what this could mean for your business:

  • 95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt – harnessing the power of SMS marketing puts your brand front of mind
  • 86% of consumers send or receive a text message every week – SMS marketing is the way of the future, particularly for companies who are seeking to reach Millennials
  • 30% of consumers interact with a brand via text message – if your company isn’t using SMS marketing this means that you are missing out on interacting with a portion of your consumer base, resulting in lost sales opportunities
  • 2.12 Trillion text messages are sent every year – a staggering number, this underscores the importance of incorporating an SMS distribution channel into your company’s marketing plan
  • Text messaging is still the largest mobile marketing channel by revenue – which carries with it the potential for increased sales and revenue or missed opportunity for those not accessing it
  • Mobile coupons are ten times more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons – email offers are frequently missed.  SMS marketing allows you to put your offer directly in the hands of your customers

These stats are compelling and will only grow over time. However it is worth considering that effective marketing is not about simply replacing e-mail with an SMS.  It is about strategically evaluating your topic to determine whether e-mail or SMS is the most effective distribution tool to get your message in the hands of your customers.

If you decide to give SMS marketing a go, here are our 8 top tips to a successful SMS marketing campaign:

1. Ask yourself, is this the best way to get your message across?

Be certain that what you are delivering will be received and not instantly deleted. Reminders of appointments can go down well, thinly veiled sales pitches do not. We recommend SMS only if you are giving something away, or reminding them of something really good or important.

2. Use formal lingo not text

Keep it on a professional level. Unless your target market accepts text driven lingo, then keep words relatively normal or simple abbreviations. If nothing else it will help you keep to the point.

2. Keep to the Point

Give them one message only.  Try to eliminate unnecessary words, don’t tell them everything that’s going on in your business.  Use some action words to get your message underway. Consider that you only have 160 characters…don’t waste them.

3. Single syllables, short sentences

If more people did this in their marketing copy the results would be so much better! It is especially important in SMS marketing so keep the words and sentences as short as possible for the maximum results. Use some action words to get your message underway.

4. Make it personal

Merge contact specific data into your text, even if it is just their first name.If you can make your contacts feel as though you know them, or are at least interested in them, your marketing will be much more successful.

5. Don’t write in all upper case

It’s hard to read and can put the reader off. Capitalising the start of each word however can help your message stand out

6. Time Your SMS message

This is not like an email that can be opened anytime. It will probably be actioned almost immediately. Therefore take advantage of this and time the message when they are best in a position to action it. Weekends can be great, lunchtimes or later in the day. Remember your target audience because this will have an impact on that.

7. Make a Call to Action

Just because you only have a few characters to work with doesn’t mean you should skip this. It is still important. You can use https://bitly.com/ or other websites to shorten the web address you want to take them to and minimise the characters required. If using a promotional code or customer number, make sure they can be remembered it easily.

8. Provide an Opt Out

It’s not the call to action that you would like however you should include an opt-out function with your text. SPAM regulations apply to SMS marketing in the same way it does for email marketing so adding a simple “Reply STOP to opt out” will avoid potential angry customers. For more information see Australian SMS Spam regulations.

With Act! CRM, you can easily send texts to one or more contacts on the fly, or from a specific template. The message is recorded against the contact’s record along with any replies. For more information on SMS Marketing with Act! see SMS4Act!.

To find out how you can easily leverage the potential of SMS marketing,
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  1. 7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics, Hubspot
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