Act! Marketing Automation makes it simple to acquire new leads, engage prospects and customers, and build long-lasting, profitable relationships that fuel business growth.

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is a single solution built into Act! Premium that replaces separate systems for email, web visitor tracking, lead scoring, nurture campaigns, campaign management and reporting. With AMA, you can streamline marketing processes by easily automating the workflow between your sale and marketing efforts.

Send emarketing campaigns direct from Act! and watch as AMA feeds actionable data back into your existing Act! sales processes.  Your sales team will be informed of new leads, any follow-ups are prioritised and you see a holistic view of all your prospect and customer marketing activity to close sales faster and more of them.


Design responsive campaigns

Create impactful, mobile-friendly campaigns with the intuitive drag-and-drop template builder or use the advanced HTML editor to edit existing HTML templates or build new ones. Start with one of 25 sample templates, customise colours and fonts, and add free, high-quality stock photos from a library with 500,000 options. Preview campaigns before sending with a mobile and desktop preview to ensure your images and content render as planned.

Act! Marketing Automation Design Responsive Campaigns
Act! Marketing Automation - Engage prospects and customers

Engage prospects and customers

Setup simple ad-hoc email blasts or custom nurture streams with the visual campaign workflow designer, providing a graphical representation of your communication flow.  Share campaigns on your social sites to extend your reach or embed social links in your campaigns to drive traffic to your social networks.

Setup Preview email campaigns before sending with both mobile and desktop views to ensure your images and content render perfectly.

Effective Lead Capture, Scoring, & Nurturing

Grow your audience with effective lead capture forms and surveys that feed contacts and responses into Act! automatically. Advanced forms and surveys allow further actions in Act!. Notify Act! users and create Act! activities and opportunities automatically as recipients respond.

Identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions. Prioritised leads are pushed into Act! groups automatically for easy sales follow-up.

Effective Lead Capture
AMA Sales and Marketing

Time-saving CRM Workflow with Prioritised Sales Follow-up

Automate workflow between sales and marketing to maximise engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns real-time response metrics into sales actions—alerting you of new prospects, prioritising follow-ups, and delivering a composite view of customer engagement in a single solution. Notify Act! users via email and create Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on campaign and website interactions or completed lead forms and surveys.

Real-time Response Metrics & Actionable Customer Insights

Understand what’s working and how you can improve your marketing strategy over time with real-time metrics covering opens, clicks, and comparative stats per campaign. Individual campaign results automatically push to Act! contact records for a detailed interaction history.

Perform A/B tests to pinpoint your most impactful subject lines and content to continually improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Identify prospects on your website in real-time to engage with them when they are most interested, because web visits feed into lead scoring profiles and create activities for sales follow-up in Act! automatically.

Act! Marketing Automation - Optimise campaigns and marketing assets

What's the difference between Act! Marketing Automation and Act! Email Marketing?



(billed annually)

10,000 emails per month
to unlimited contacts

Introductory 1st Year Offer
Save 10%

Essential marketing automation features to engage your customers and grow your business



(billed annually)

100,000 emails per month
to unlimited contacts

Introductory 1st Year Offer
Save 25%

Sophisticated marketing automation features and valuable consulting services to fast-track your success