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Factors to Consider When Upgrading Act!

6 Factors to consider when upgrading Act!


The all new Act! version 19 delivers a host of compatibility and productivity enhancements. Act! v19 is the only version of Act! that is compatible with Microsoft Office 64-bit. It also advances the new Act! Connections functionality to extend the power and reach of Act! Premium which includes an Act! Companion—a native mobile app. With the Act! Emarketing feature, performance and campaign management improvements enables users to send campaigns up to 5 times faster! To fulfill customer feature requests, Act! now includes 30+ refreshed standard reports and scan for duplicates in Web and Cloud. Find out more

The good news for Act! Premium subscribers is that you get all these features included in your subscription.

If you are planning on upgrading to Act! v19, we suggest that you read our tips to ensure pain-free conversion.

  1. Do you have your v19 licence?  Ensure that you have your v19 licence before you upgrade. If you are a current Act! Subscriber, have Act! Business Care or purchased Act! Pro v18 after 1st November, you may have already received your licence from Swiftpage. If you have not received your licence please contact actorders@acttoday.com.au for assistance. Alternately, you can purchase an upgrade by submitting an order request.
  2. Check compatibility Upgrading any software can cause system conflicts due to compatibility issues so we suggest checking that your hardware meets the minimum Act! system requirements. Additionally, you should confirm that your other office software and AddOns that you use with Act! will be compatible. For example, Act! v19 supports Office 2010 and above (v19 no longer supports Office 2007).  Also, if you are on an earlier version of Act! which used an older version of Microsoft SQL,  this SQL version will need to be uninstalled so that v19 installs the required Microsoft SQL 2014. Spending a bit of time checking requirements prior to installing any software can avoid unnecessary expense for your business,  save you time in the long run…and a few headaches.
  3. Will my customisations convert to v19? Yes, any database, report, template, layout customisations  will come across with v19. If you have any custom programming created for your current version we suggest checking with your provider in case additional updates are required.
  4. Backup, backup, backup! We strongly advise that you have at least one reliable backup of all your data prior to upgrading your database. There is nothing worse that realising that something has gone wrong and you don’t have a backup. See How to back up and restore an Act! database.
  5. Start clean To get the best conversion results, it’s ideal to have your existing database checked and cleaned prior to conversion. Upgrading is a perfect time to purge old data to decrease your database size and increase the efficiency and speed of your database. To get assistance with this process, please contact your Act! consultant or call us on 1300 362 046.
  6. How much time does it take to upgrade to v19? The time required to upgrade Act! depends on such factors as the number of users, locations and deployment methods. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes for a single user to a few days for larger, more complicated sites. Ensure that you plan the time/day for the upgrade to allow for any unforeseen complications and to avoid your staff sitting around unable to access to their data.
  7. Can I upgrade to v19 myself or will I need help? Many users successfully upgrade Act! themselves however the ability to do so depends on the complexity of your environment. If you are a single user on Act! Pro v18, it is a straight forward install over the top of your existing application. See How do I upgrade to Act! v19 from a previous version?. If you have a team of users, are synchronising or use a hosted database service, your upgrade will need more planning and knowledge. Just think of Act! like a new car…do you service the car yourself or take it to an authorised service centre? You want the service done correctly so you don’t have car problems down the track. Our team of Act! Certified Consultants specialise in Act! CRM, so they have the expertise to help you throughout the entire upgrade process – from data clean to training. Utilising our services will ensure that your transition to v19 is smooth  and will minimise any downtime for your business ultimately saving you dollars.  To discuss your Act! upgrade, contact your local consultant or call us on 1300 362 046.


You can download Act! Software from our web sites.
Please ensure you download the correct version (Pro or Premium/Premium Web) for your location.

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What’s new since your version?  Upgrade Pricing

For pricing and purchase of Act! Upgrade licences, please contact us on 1300 362 046
or email actsales@acttoday.com.au
SPEAK TO AN ACT! SPECIALIST in Australia 1300 362 046

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