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Act! has been a top selling CRM for small businesses for over 30 years.

COO of Swiftpage, Lorcan Malone was interviewed at a Small Business Expo talking about the benefits of Act! CRM for small businesss. Act! was one of the pioneers of CRM and after 30 years, Act! has been used by over 4 million small business across 55 countries.

Act! is very specific about their target market and ensuring the product continues to serve this target market with every development and enhancement.

‘Everybody’s got their own definition of small business. For us for small businesses anywhere up to a hundred employees or up to 50 million dollars’, explains Lorcan.

So, what distinguishes Act! from other CRMs in the market and why do so many small businesses use Act!?

The development of Act! has always been focused on the needs of small business and how it can be improved to help businesses grow. There are three key differentiation points between Act! and its competitors such as Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly and others;

  1. Affordability
  2. Ease of use
  3. Flexibility

Although Act! was originally designed as a simple desktop solution, today it is one of the few CRMs around that offer multiple deployment options including cloud, desktop and remote access. 

As Lorcan outlines in his interview, it is an exciting time for Act! and Act! users with great new features and integrations to be released in 2018 that will extend its current capabilities and enable small business to easily keep up with the big guys.

If you haven’t already tried Act! CRM – Act Today offers a 30 day free trial so give it a go and see how it differs from other CRMs in the market.

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant is the Founder of Act Today. Michael’s vision for Act Today was born from his realisation of the importance of businesses having a deep and strong relationship with their customers. 

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