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Swiftpage have launched Act! Premium Cloud in Australia on the local Google Cloud Platform.

The Google Cloud Platform offers a high security, fast connection environment that is already used by Swiftpage for their Cloud customers across the rest of the world. Whilst other Cloud CRMs host your data overseas, your Act! Premium Cloud data is hosted locally in Australia offering improved bandwidth, better performance and local vendor support.

With the local launch of Google Cloud Platform, Australian and New Zealand customers can now benefit from the significant reductions in latency when accessing their Act! database via the Cloud. GCP performance testing shows 80% to 95% reductions in round-trip time (RTT) latency when serving customers from New Zealand and Australian cities such as Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, compared to other regions1

Act! Premium Cloud gives you online access to your customer data — no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription. In contrast to Act! Premium (for Windows), where you control the initial setup and ongoing software management, with Act! Premium Cloud we take care of all the technical details so you can keep focussed on your business.

With Act! Premium Cloud, you benefit from the best-in-class security, performance, and reliability with nightly backups and recovery processes to protect your data from loss or damage. You receive concierge service from onboarding experts that help you get setup and using Act! as quickly as possible.

In addition to being able to access Act! via iPhone, iPad, Android and web browsers, Act Today will also setup an Off-line Synchronised Act! database so that you can access a local windows version of your Act! database. 

Act! Premium Cloud is the first release and coming soon will be Act! Premium Cloud Plus and Act! Private Cloud (dedicated server to allow for other applications such as Office 365).


Username: Chris Huffman
Password: act (lowercase)

For existing Act! Cloud users:

Act Today have offered a locally hosted Act! Cloud solution for over 10 years. The benefit of the new Act! Premum Cloud product above our current offering is the incredibly fast speed of the Google Cloud Platform plus the ability for customers to login and access their account. Although we will still be providing Act! Cloud & SaaS services for existing customers, you are able to upgrade to the new Act! Premum Cloud at any time. 

For more information, please contact us on 02 9431 2222 or email

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