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A CRM is essential to the success of any business that has customers.

Remaining productive all day while building strong business relationships is crucial to advancing the success of any business...particulary small business. Imagine following up on new leads without delay or having an immediate answer to a question from your best customer – even if you are out of the office? It’s hard to stay on top of all those tasks when have a small team. That's where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can help.

With the right CRM strategy and solution, you can improve your processes for building and maintaining business relationships. This will enhance your professional image, build sales and free up valuable time for your team.

Benefits of a CRM solution:
  • Easily manage your customers
  • Share important information with colleagues
  • Improve productivity and profits
  • Increase customer retention
  • Monitor your sales team’s activity
  • Better return for your marketing dollar
  • Reporting intelligence

There are hundreds of CRMs on the market, each claiming to be the best. While each one may promote specific features and benefits, it is really important that you are using the right CRM software for your business to ensure a return on your investment.

At Act Today, we have been working with Act! CRM since 1992 and have implemented CRM solutions for thousands of businesses worldwide, from single user sites up to 100+ user corporations. We have seen a lot of CRMs come and go and we have seen customers move on to “bigger and better” only to return to Act! a year later. We understand CRM and how the current technological and business environments interact. 

Our CRM solutions are suitable for:
  • Small to mid-size business. Whether you are an individual, have a small business or part of a large organisation, we can assist you in implementing a CRM solution that suits your business.
  • A range of industries. We provide CRM solutions to clients from varying industries, such as financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, recruitment, medical, professional services, real estate and many more.
  • Varied functional roles. While CRM benefits are generally known for helping to boost the success of sales professionals, anyone with business contacts will benefit from incorporating a CRM solution into their business systems such as your management and marketing teams.
  • Cloud vs On-Premises. With benefits to both models, we can help you deploy the best solution for your business. Find out more

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