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As Act! consultants, the most common questions that we hear are about logging in to an Act! database.

It can be very frustrating if you need to get into your Act! database and don't remember what your username/password is! Before you feel like you are losing your memory, let me explain how the username and password are generated.

Your Act! user name and password are determined when your Act! user profile is first created. In a lot of cases, the Act! Administrator would have created your profile for you.

In a shared Act! database, you will be asked to enter these details each time you open Act!.  To find out what your login details are, read the steps below on how to determine the user name for the database and recover login details if necessary.

What is my Act! user name?

There might be situations when you remember the password but not the user name. There are couple of options to recover the user name.

Option 1

If you have multiple Act! users and have another user with Administrator Security Role, you can have them login to the database and determine your user name information.

  1. Open the Act! database with an Administrator login
  2. From the Tools menu select Manage Users
  3. Select the row with your name and then Edit User Information under User Tasks. (You can also double click the highlighted row).
  4. Now you can edit the user information and reset the password if required.

manage users box

Note: If Manage Users is greyed out and you are unable to select the user, it means the user you logged in as does not have administrator privileges.

Option 2
If you are the only Administrator or cannot get another Administrator to login, use the Act Diagnostic tool.

  1. Click the Windows Start button, and then Run. The Run dialog box appears.
  2. Type ‘actdiag’ and then click OK. The Act! Diagnostics utility launches.
  3. From the menu at the top, select Databases.
  4. Verify your database is selected in the Database list.

Act! Diagnostic Tool

  1. Now select Audit Logs from the Databases menu. If the initial event type Contact-Combine Contact does not display data, select the Event Types drop-down list and then click an event type that has been performed in your Act! database to populate the User list.
  2. In the User list, locate your user name and then copy and paste this into the user name field when you login to the Act! Database. In most cases this will work as by default, the login user name is same as the contact name of the user. However, as the audit logs display the only the contact name of the user, not the actual login user name, it may be different as the login name can be edited from within Act!. If this is the case, go to option 3.

* The user name is not case sensitive.

Option 3
If you are unable to determine the user name and/or do not remember your password, call 1300 362 046 for further assistance*.

What is my Act! password?

If you know your user name but have forgotten your password, try the options below. Please note that your password IS case sensitive.

Option 1
In some cases, you might not actually have a password so try leaving that field blank.

Option 2
In Act!, open the Manage Users tool to reset your password. Follow the steps from 'what is my user name'.

Option 3
If you are unable to reset your password, call 1300 362 046 for further assistance*.

*Please note: User name and/or Login disclosure is a fee based service.

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