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With the Custom Tables Manager, you can create custom fields and layouts for tracking one-to-many data records. This data can be linked to the relevant contact, company, group or opportunity via a tab located within that entity’s file.

Custom Tables mean that you no longer need additional spreadsheets and programs to store this information as everything is conveniently located within the one place. However unlike spreadsheets, a line within a Custom Table is its own self-contained data entry which can be edited, assigned to one or more entities. You can also reassign data to another entity if needs be. The great thing about Custom Tables is that you can create as many additional sections as you need, each having its own layout, tables and fields to match their requirements.

Put your data to work to boost productivity and drive sales

By having all this information in Act!, you are able to schedule actions — create activities and to-dos, send follow-up emails, engage in informed sales conversations, and more.

Example 1: Finance

An example of Custom Tables in use would be a finance company that needs to keep track of loans. A Custom Table would be created and associated with the contacts section in Act!. Within the Custom Table, you could create as many fields as necessary to capture the information needed for their loan/s. Each line within that table would then show the loans that have been taken out by that contact as well as all the information that has been entered. Loans could also then also be accessed via the navigation menu which will pull up all loans you have created for all customers allowing you to sort through the ones that have been paid, as well as those that are outstanding.

Example 2: Car Sales

Another example would be for car sales. A sale rep wants to be able to keep track of the cars they are selling as well what they have sold. They also want to keep track of people who are interested in these vehicles and those who have purchased them. A Custom Table would then be created for the contact in Act! and whatever fields needed would be created in the Custom Table to enter information about each vehicle.

Make it yours quickly with industry-specific templates and solutions

The Custom Tables Manager includes industry-specific templates for Consulting, Event Planning, Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Product Inventory, Projects, Realty, Service, Software, and Support. You can quickly and easily get started with one of these templates and tweak in order to capture and manage data relevant to your unique business. Or, you can start from scratch with an Act! Certified Consultant who can design Custom Tables so you can manage the detailed data you’ve always wanted to capture, but just didn’t have a place for—the possibilities are endless!

For pricing or to discuss how Custom Tables could work in your business, please contact us.

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