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Act! v21.0 Update 6

Act! 21.0 Update 6 has been released by Swiftpage with some improvements and minor bug fixes.


Some highlights include:

  • Australia Local server infrastructure for Act! Marketing Automation producing faster operational speed.
  • Navbar customisations are now saved after restarting Act!
  • Allow 'Create Lookup' from multiple selected groups in List View.

This release also resolved the following bugs:

  • Mail Merging
    • Blank mail merge fields don't collapse if there are two blanks together
    • Merge mail fields don't collapse when blank
    • Mail Merge to printer gives error message
    • Contact data is mixed up when two fields are placed on the same line and the first field is left blank
    • Mail Merge to email displays [[ACTFIELD_DELETE_ME]] for blank fields if the template contains text and at least one image
  • Premium Cloud
    • Add record count to status bar in Contact and Company List views
    • Web integration uninstall deletes WebAPIURL; install does not recreate value
    • Cannot open email attached as Subject, Message and Attachments
    • History filters reset when you navigate away from a page and return to it
  • Act Marketing Automation
    • Dynamic Group membership does not work when criteria are saved
  • Other
    • Mini calendar view only displays the first 5 users
    • Creating lookup of single contact from List View changes the Edit Date
    • Autosave not working in Companies

For a full list of improvements see act.com/updates


See KnowledgeBase Article How do I download and apply the latest update for my Act! software? or call 1300 362 046 to speak to a consultant.

Important notes: This update only applies to version 21.0 and includes all previous updates for v21.0. In a shared environment, the update needs to be installed on the server and all local installations. Act! Notifications can be activated so that you are notified as soon as there is an update. We recommend that Act! Notifications is only active for the Act! Admin so they can coordinate and manage any updates or upgrades.  Act Today provides this software and documentation as a courtesy and accepts no responsibility for self installations.. We recommend that you speak with one of our team prior to applying any software updates especially if you have custom plugins or AddOns.

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