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Cloud technology offers enormous benefits for CRMs however there are legitimate reasons why you may want an on-premises CRM solution. The advantage of Act! is that it's one of the only CRMs on the market that offer an on-premise solution as well as a hybrid solution - so you can have both cloud and on-premise access.


On-Premise CRM Solution

An on-premise solution means that you install the software and store your data at your own place of business. Prior to the invention of 'the cloud', this is how software typically operated. Although it might sound old-school, having your valuable customer data on-site can provide better security of your data, speed of access and a full-featured solution.

Choose an on-premise CRM deployment if you:

  • Require complete access to all Act! features and functionality
  • Need advanced customisation and integration capabilities
  • Require control of your data on your own site
  • Want fast operation
  • Don’t want to be reliant on your Internet speed
  • Desire lower software costs
Cloud CRM

Act! Premium can also be deployed in the cloud. Unlike other CRMs, you can host your database yourself or it can be vendor-hosted. Self-hosting allows you to access your database via the cloud but eliminates hosting costs. In saying that however, paying a little bit more means that you don’t need any IT skills and you get up and running quickly and easily. We handle the technical steps, so you can instantly access all your customer information, manage and prioritise activities and track all your communications from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Ongoing, we manage your database admin, security and backups.

Additionally with Act! Cloud product, we offer specialised services such as offline-access and hosting of any of your other business software (e.g. Microsoft Office 365). With off-line access, you get a copy of your database installed on your PC or laptop that syncs with your Act! Cloud database. So if you are travelling on a plane or don’t have Internet, you can still keep working.

Choose a cloud CRM deployment if you:

  • Require on-demand access to Act! Premium
  • Fast, easy deployment and hosting
  • Don’t have internal IT support
  • Need an all-in-one hosted solution for your business
Hybrid CRM

With a hybrid CRM solution, you get to access Act! whichever way you like to work. Depending on your requirements, we can configure a personalised CRM solution to suit your business. Whether your team need all cloud access, a locally installed on-premise solution or a combination of both so you can have the best of both worlds, we have a solution for you.

Call us to talk to a CRM specialist about the best deployment solution for your business.

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