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Office 2016 Microsoft update breaks Outlook integration with Act!

Microsoft recently released an update for Outlook 2016 that is affecting the integration with other software applications that use the MAPI integration such as MYOB, iCloud and Act!. So unfortunately, this update affects any version of Act! that integrates with either Outlook 2016 (local install) or Outlook 365 subscription.

What symptoms will you see
  • Sending an email from Act! you receive a ‘Not responding’ error and Act! closes
  • Sent emails from Outlook do not attach to your Act! contact history
  • Act! Add-in does not work from within Outlook

This issue occurs as a result of a Microsoft defect revolving around MAPI that affects Outlook version 16.0.6965.2058 or later versions. For more information, refer to the following Microsoft article: iCloud crashes when synchronizing data with Outlook 2016

How to resolve the issue

Act! have isolated the reasons for the integration issue and have released an update to resolve the issues.

Outlook Issues Fixed
  • Fixes issue with Act! email setup with Outlook failure
  • Fixes issue with mail merge to Outlook failure
  • Fixes issue with contact sync failure
  • Fixes issue with calendar sync failure
  • Fixes issue with adding address book failure
  • Fixes issue with x64 act.Outlook.service.exe failure

Additional unrelated issues fixed

  • Fixes issue with Chrome popups showing in separate tab
  • Fixes issue with .net memory leak
How to apply the update
  1. Download the update applicable to your version (when available)
  2. Close Act! and all applications prior to applying the update.

Please note: Act Today provides this software and documentation as a courtesy. We strongly suggest that you read the associated documentation on the system requirements and procedures for installing software and applying updates/hotfixes prior to installing. Updates must be applied to all PCs sharing a database. If you are using an Act! AddOn, please check compatibility with vendor prior to upgrading. Act Today accepts no responsibility for self installations. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Outlook versions affected

To find out if your version of Outlook is affected, open Outlook, go to the File Menu and click on Office Account, click on About Outlook to check your version. If your version is listed in the “Build that don’t work” column, this update affects you.

Builds that don’t work
Builds that work

Our team of Act Certified Consultants can assist you via remote login to resolve this issue. Typically it takes about 15 minutes to complete the process (Fees apply. If you have an Act Today Support Plan, the session can be covered with one of your support sessions). Whilst you might prefer to research and resolve this issue yourself, your Act! consultant can get you back on track quickly to ensure your integration is working correctly. Please note that Act Today do not provide free support for updates installed by the end user.

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