Dynamic Backgrounds

Automatically change the background in Act! based on your criteria

Dynamic Backgrounds is an AddOn for Act! that dynamically changes the colour of the background layout of an Act! record based on user-defined criteria. The background changes as you move from one contact to another depending on their status. The background can also change immediately if you update a field that matches your set criteria. Dynamic Backgrounds instantly alerts you to the contact’s current status so you don’t miss a thing.

Dynamic Backgrounds Features
  • Automatically changes background colour based on criteria
  • Layout colour changes as you move from one contact to another
  • Background colour changes when you update a field
  • Provides an instant status alert for the current record
  • Available in Contact, Group, Company and Opportunity views
Dynamic Backgrounds Examples

Dynamic Backgrounds can have many different applications depending on your requirements. Following are a few examples:

  • Easily identify your Prospects and Customers by changing the background based on the ID Status field
  • Highlight customers on different support levels
  • Identify customers with an overdue account or on credit hold by changing the background to red
  • Recognise customers for ‘special’ service based on their spend
  • Detect contacts that have expired membership
  • Distinguish contacts with a specific Sales Representative
Standard Contact Layout
Dynamic Backgrounds - Standard
Customer is on Credit Hold
Dynamic Backgrounds - On Hold
Customer is on a Bronze Support Plan
Dynamic Backgrounds - Bronze
Customer is on a Silver Support Plan

Dynamic Backgrounds - Silver

Customer is on a Gold Support Plan
Dynamic Backgrounds - Gold

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