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123 Sync for Act! & Outlook

123 Sync is the only server-based product to integrate contact, calendar, tasks,
and emails into Act!. Read more

Custom Activity Date Field Update

Updates a date field when a custom activity is cleared. Read more

Dynamic Backgrounds

Automatically change the background in Act! based on your criteria. Read more


A fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliver existing Windows applications such as Act! to users anywhere. Read more

Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact enables you to use Act! on your favourite handheld device. Read more


MergeAdmin merges and imports data from any ASCII data file into an Act! database on a field-by-field level so you can keep your Act! data updated with useful information from other sources. Read more


Assigns a sequential number to new Act! records. Read more


Oak!Merge is a powerful tool to provide advanced Import/Export & Update functionality for your Act! database. Read more


Postcodes4Act! automatically fills in the State and Postcode. A must have addon for every Act! user. Read more

Record Security

(Act! Premium only) Limits access to the teams & users named in the nominated field. Read more


SMS4Act! allows you to send a text to a contact or a group of contacts. Great for promotions, reminders and quick communications. Read more

Stonefield Query

Stonefield Query is a self-service, ad hoc client/server reporting application that enables you to quickly and easily create all the reports you need. Read more

Topline Alerts

TopLine Alerts is a notification program for Act! Windows or Web. Read more

TopLine Dash

An easy-to-use real-time dashboard based reporting tool for Act! so you can prioritise sales activities, assess sales performance and predict sales results. Read more

Topline Designer

TopLine Designer is a navigation and design tool which provides flexible, robust database solutions for Act! and Act! for Web custom tables. Read more

Web Prospect

Web Prospect reads the mail you receive from your web site forms and creates contacts in Act!, saving you hours of re-typing. Read more

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